Unchained Managed Hosting


Let us host the Unchained Engine for you so you can concentrate on your business. We use Docker Swarm and a bunch of modern Software to setup a scalable Unchained infrastructure for you. It doesn't matter to us where the datacenter is.

  • Bring your own Datacenter or go with us (We use Exoscale.ch)
  • Traefik as Reverse Proxy https://traefik.io
  • Auto issuance and renewal of SSL certificates
  • MongoDB in a Replicaset Configuration
  • On-Premise Setup of the Unchained Control Panel
  • Multi Instance Setup of the Unchained Engine
  • Automatic daily Database Backups to a Cloud of your choice (like Amazon, Microsoft)
  • Disaster recovery process and health status widget for your website
  • Setup and Configuration of: Domains, DNS
  • Maintenance of the Infrastructure parts (Docker + Ubuntu)
  • Monitoring and Incident Management with open-source tools

Most important:

We setup the whole infrastructure in a way that a seamless handover is possible in a planned way, so you could basically let us setup the whole stack and then take over for maintenance and monitoring.